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A Perfect Pear

While most people when they retire buy a boat, a caravan or travel the world. Most don’t buy a pear orchard. Good thing Andy Griffiths from A Perfect Pear is not most people. Andy brought the 250 tree orchard around 4 years ago to keep himself out of mischief after retiring from the hospitality industry where Andy was used to the hustle and bustle of management roles in various hotels, motels and cafes.

It took Andy around 12 months to produce the first batch of products. A lot of that time was getting the recipe just the way he wanted it. Of course this is very difficult as the best way to enjoy pear paste is on a cheese platter with a glass of your favourite wine on the veranda watching the sun set. Andy and his wife Maria put in the hours sitting on the veranda and drinking glass after glass of wine to ensure the product is consistency good.

All of the A Perfect Pear products are grown, handmade and bottled in Nubeena, Tasmania by Andy himself. This means Andy puts love and passion into every product ensuring quality and consistency every time. The end result is the pear jam, chutney, paste and even a pear cider vinegar are some of the best you have ever tried. The Pear Cider Vinegar is relatively new and definitely not something you see every day, but has an amazing flavour and excellent health benefits. It is sure to be a hit so you had better be quick.

Andy loves to use his products to make a pumpkin and pear soup which, he says is amazing and claims the sweetness of the pears gives the soup a fantastic flavour. I can’t wait to try this recipe myself. We may even his the recipe appear on the A Perfect Pear Facebook page sometime soon. Perhaps visit the facebook page to see more ways of enjoying his great products.

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