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Bruny Island Jams

Bruny Island Jam is a young company only starting four years ago. What isn’t well know is the woman behind the jam is well known on Bruny Island for making some of the best products available. Janet Hansson, the woman that’s had the magic to create the jams started making jam, chutney and bottling fruit from the tender age of five with her Dad. She learnt all the family secrets and as she got older she started trading her jam for all sorts of things from crayfish and milk to firewood and fencing materials. 45 years later Janet still has a passion for creating some of the most delicious jams.

Janet makes all her jams in small batches with just fruit and sugar. She does not use any additives, fillers or preservatives. This makes Bruny Island Jam free from nasties, gluten free, vegan friendly and delicious. Perfect for your next picnic, gift hamper or weekend away. Janet even uses products from her very own farm and the local Bruny Island Community wherever possible to ensure the best possible product for you.

Janet says she has the best job in the world doing what she loves the most. Cooking extraordinary jams and working for the Bruny Island Chocolate Company. This is where you will find Janet and the biggest display of her jams anywhere. As a 5th generation Bruny Islander Janet has a love for all things Bruny and suggests that we all plan our next holiday there. Where else can you enjoy some of the finest foods including Jam and Chocolate, fantastic scenery and a peace and serenity second to none all in one place.

Janet suggests for your trip you could try her Whisky Marmalade, some local butter and sourdough for breakfast.A charcuterie platter with her Japanese Wasabi Mustard for lunch, fresh fish, stir-fry greens with yoghurt, Tomato Kasoundi and fresh herbs for dinner.Of course that wouldn’t be complete without a triple chocolate cake with warmed Raspberry and Cherry Jam for dessert.Maybe for a night cap before bed you could even try some amazing Bruny Island hazelnut fudge and a tipple of Bruny Island Houndstooth Whisky.

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