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Coal River Farm

Coal River Farm is a small artisan producer located in the heart of the Coal River Valley owned by Daniel & Melanie Leesong. Daniel and Melanie saw people had a passion for wanting to enjoy Tasmania’s finest produce. This is when they gave up life in the political and legal sectors five years ago to open Coal River Farm. Today Daniel, Melanie and their five children enjoy their life on the farm. Although busy, they get to meet so many new people at their farm shop and café.

The master craftsman is Tim Gadischke, and his passionate team make the cheese lovingly by hand in the traditional way. Tim and his wife Candis (another member of the cheese-making team) both have extensive knowledge in cheese making, with a particular focus on speciality cheeses. Tim believes that if you start with the best quality local milk it makes the cheese taste so much better. It shows because Coal River Farm cheeses have won awards in both the Australian and World cheese awards. Just last year Coal River Farm won a gold and two silver medals at the World Cheese Awards. Tim and the team welcome you to look through the windows into the cheese factory to watch them all hard at work. You may be lucky enough to see him dancing while working.

Another handmade and delightful delicacy from Coal River Farm is their chocolate. Dimitri Smet, a Belgian-raised master chocolatier is the onsite chocolate guru. This man can create some of the most wonderful things with fine chocolate, from shoes and flowers to animals. Dimitri likes to challenge himself with creating anything his mind can come up with. Dimitri has won many awards for his skills throughout his career and loves all things chocolate. Drop by the farm shop and watch him in action or just gaze upon his latest creation.

The farm shop and café allows guests to sit down and enjoy High Cheese among many other wonderful dishes. All while enjoying a glass of local wine and a magnificent view of the Coal River Valley. The Café uses predominately produce direct of the farm to ensure freshness and flavour in all their dishes. The farm shop allows guests to pick their own fruit (charges apply). It is the perfect day out for the whole family.

Coal River Farm love seeing what can be created using their products. If you have an amazing new recipe they would love to see it. Feel free to tag their Facebook account @coalriverfarm. They even saw one recently for an indulgent soufflé using their brie as the base in a very upmarket restaurant. You can visit them in person at 634 Richmond Rd, Cambridge TAS 7170. Or on their website at

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