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Farmer Jo

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

A range of Muesli's and granola's for every occasion.

So Much More Than Your Average Muesli.

Farmer Jo creators noticed most of the muesli and granola on the market were mass produced and full of refined sugars, with this in mind they spent their life savings to begin the Farmer Jo brand,bringing you the best and most wholesome product they could.

“A perfect breakfast or even an afternoon snack.”

Farmer Jo is a family owned and run Artisan Muesli producer from N.S.W. The Farmer Jo family believe they need to respect the farmers and land their raw ingredients come from, therefore it shows in the end result. I can agree with this 100% and now regularly have a supply of Farmer Jo products in my own pantry. 

I don’t just enjoy them for breakfast but enjoy the Paleo one as that afternoon or evening snack, replacing my standard handful of biscuits or bag of potato chips. Farmer Jo not only is more satisfying but also tastes better. Friday nights while sitting down with a glass of fireball whisky I enjoy a little bowl of their Honey Granola to nibble on, this is a match made in heaven.

So if like me you enjoy the finer things in life I would suggest you try this amazing product. Don’t just think of it as a breakfast food but imagine taking it on a hike as a trail mix or with your favourite drink, maybe at your next party as a nibbly for your friends. Whatever the occasion I am sure there is one to suit

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