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Lentara Grove

Lentara Grove is a well-established olive grove located in Exeter, Tasmania. The trees are 25 years old and have been producing olives for oil for the last 20 years. Martin and Sophie Grace the owners of Lentara, were looking for a change in life and to get away from the public service role Martin was preforming. They had a love for the land and wanted desperately a farm of their own. A place they could sink their passion into and develop amazing products from. Martin and Sophie finally found Lentara grove around five years ago and immediately fell in love with the place. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a beautiful established olive grove in the hills above the Tamar River?

The olive grove produces some of the finest olive oil in the country, winning a string of domestic and international awards. Even though Exquisite Flavours may currently only stock the olive oil and Dukkah from Lentara grove, they also do an amazing range of luxe skincare as well.

Once a year in June, Lentara hold a community olive pressing day. This is where people can bring olives from their own backyard trees to Lentara. The olives are then combined with others from other local backyards. Martin then takes this blend of local olives and turns them into extra virgin olive oil for the contributors to take home. Also for one weekend each November an event called the Farm Gate Festival is held. This event is where farms which are not usually open to the public open up for a weekend. The businesses that wish to be a part of this provide tours and talks on how the product is made from start to finish. Lentara believe this is a fantastic way to educate people about how the cool climate of Tasmania creates a quality in the fruit. This then of course creates some of the best olive oils in the country. Lentara take part in this and invite you to come and visit their farm and facility on the next Farm gate Festival. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram or you can visit

Lentara have now planted a pomegranate orchard, a small vineyard and a fig citrus vineyard. This will allow them to extend their range with more fantastic and diverse products in the future. Martin and Sophie believe sometimes it is best to keep this simple and enjoy using their products to create some traditional Bruschetta. Simply rubbing some fresh garlic on some locally baked toasted sourdough. Taking some locally sourced fresh tomatoes and red onion and chopping it up with a few glugs of their Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Then simply spread the mix onto the toasted sourdough for an amazingly simple, but extremely delicious and super quick snack. They have also been known to enjoy the odd bowl of Olive Oil ice cream. Maybe they will share the recipe with us on their social media pages for us. We will have to wait and see what is coming next from Lentara Olive Grove.

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