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M.I.S.H (Made In South Hobart)

M.I.S.H (Made In South Hobart) is a fantastic range of Tasmanian Condiments with an Irish Flair created by an Irish lass named Jane in February 2021. Since Jane moved to Tasmania five years ago, she has been overwhelmed with the quality of the product Tasmania has to offer. So much so Jane has been tinkering in her kitchen at home with old family recipes in her spare time. Spare time is something Jane found herself with a lot of when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Being a musician with a teaching studio, for the first time in 25 years she found herself with no work to plan for.

After some time making the most of her Netflix subscription, Jane decided to visit the local butcher with some of her Cauliflower Pickle and Tomato Relish. The butcher was quite enthusiastic about her products and immediately asked her to produce some for the shop. Armed with some very positive feedback Jane went back to her kitchen and started experimenting to expand her range. Before long Jane had regular customers visiting the local butcher asking for more products from M.I.S.H. Now, Jane has 9 varieties of relish, pickles and mustard in her range.

Based in South Hobart, Jane is very passionate about using local suppliers and products to create her amazing products. This allows Jane to ensure her products are gluten-free and vegan friendly (except for the stout mustard as the stout contains gluten). Jane’s products are also free from any artificial additives and preservatives. Everything from the graphic designer for her labels through to the ingredients are locally sourced and of the highest quality.

Jane bakes a mouth-watering Irish soda bread and serves it with some delicious Tasmanian butter, Slices of Tasmanian cheddar and tops it all off with her Zucchini and Lemon Pickle for a light lunch or with Corned Beef and Cauliflower Pickle for a heartier meal. Jane has also been kind enough to share her secret recipe for her Irish Soda Bread with Exquisite Flavours. We may be kind enough to share it with those that decide to stock this amazing range.

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