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Miellerie Honey

Yves, the man behind Miellerie Honey got interested in beekeeping at eleven years of age in France. Yves began helping an elderly couple with their hives. This couple gave Yves his first hive for his home garden. At fifteen, Yves started work on a neighbouring farm which is where he learnt about organic and biodynamic farming practices. Yves then went on to complete a four-year agricultural apprenticeship. Yves realized that beekeeping was his passion. Not only was it something he enjoyed, but was something he could do in any part of the world.

In 2005 Yves started his own apiary company, Miellerie Honey. Miellerie is a small tight-knit team of just six passionate staff. Miellerie Honey also employs organic and biodynamic farming practices. The honey is extracted and packaged at bee hive temperature, thereby maintaining the optimum natural aroma and health qualities. Yves spent lots of time talking with older beekeepers, walking the land, finding stands of suitable trees, talking with land owners and many trials with bees. Yves does this to ensure his honey has some of the most distinct and delicate flavours and scents.

Miellerie Honey has hives all over Tasmania to give you the customer a wide variety of flavours to enjoy every day. These flavours include Wine Glass of Honey from the East Coast of Tasmania, Lake Peddar Nectar from the heart of Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness, Leatherwood from the South-West of Tasmania, Prickly Box from areas with poor soils, rocks and gum trees, Tea Tree also from the South-West area of the upper Huon River. Lastly, we have the Blue Gum sourced from a wide variety of areas across our island home.

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