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Pukara Estate

Steve and Racquel Goodchild manage Pukara Estate. The first olive trees were planted at Pukara Estate in the Hunter Valley grove in 1999 by Bruce Eglington. The first commercial harvest took place in 2003 which coincided the launch of the Pukara Estate brand. Steve and Racquel both come from families with agricultural backgrounds spanning several generations. This gave them not only the desire to take on the challenge of creating an olive grove that produces some of the best quality olives, but also the passion to make sure those olives are turned into some of the freshest and best tasting oils available. They do this by storing the olives in their own onsite cool store to keep them fresh until processing. The olives are then processed in their onsite processing and bottling facility as well.

Pukara Estate now offers a larger range of products from oils and vinegar through to salts, jams and even mayonnaise. Even though Pukara has grown into a larger business they still have the same core values. Pukara Estate has a commitment to quality second to none. Pukara leads the way in agricultural practice to ensure the best product available for their customers' table. This means Pukara Estate take care of the orchard in a green and sustainable way to provide minimal stress to the trees while producing maximum yield per crop. This makes for a healthier tree which shows in the quality of the end product. Pukara Estate is a truly family-owned business that considers all their staff and most importantly their customer’s part of the Pukara family.

Pukara has such a wide variety of products that can be used in so many ways. Currently, Exquisite Flavours stock only their premium olive oils and their vinegar. Their premium olive oils are bottled as required to ensure freshness and quality every time. The olive oils come in a range of flavour infused varieties and also a natural extra virgin. Once a year Pukara also do a very special run of the Novello olive oil. This bottle of nectar from the gods is cold-pressed, unsettled and unfiltered. The olives for this are carefully selected, pressed and bottled within hours of harvest to ensure a vibrant, peppery and herbaceous oil. You have to be quick for this one as they only do a run of around 1500 bottles per year around harvest time (mid to late April).

Pukara Estate Vinegars come in a large range of perfectly balanced flavours as well. From the Barrel-Aged, and Caramelised Balsamic through to the amazing Red Wine Liqueur Vinegar. There is sure to be something for everyone. Imagine some lamb chops or a roast glazed with Red Wine Liqueur Vinegar. Maybe the Wasabi or Lemon Olive Oil with seafood, or perhaps a hearty glug of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil on some nice locally sourced sourdough from your favourite bakery. However, you enjoy your Pukara products you can be assured of a fantastic quality product every time.

you can visit them on their website (, Facebook (Pukara Estate) or Instagram (@pukaraestate) for more ideas.

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