Savage Hombre

Updated: Jan 30

Exquisite Flavours is proud to now be stocking Savage Hombre Chilli Oil.  This 150ml aromatic oil with a spicy kick is crafted by a savage in Victoria.  Using some of the finest ingredients from around the world, Savage Hombre is sure to please even the most difficult of palates.

Savage Hombre infuse a high oleic sunflower oil with garlic, rosemary, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf & Sichuan peppercorn.  These aromatics sit for some time, which allows the flavours to infuse into the oil.  Then they introduce freshly cut extra hot chilli and birds eye chilli into the mix.

The oil is then brought back to its purest form leaving a bright red, aromatic and hot chilli oil ready to use on salads, stir-frys, pasta's, pizza, burgers and practically anything you want spicy!. 

This oil is so Savage the recommended serving size is just 2ml!  A little goes a long way with this bad boy of the culinary world.  Imagine what a little Savage could do to your next gourmet masterpiece.