Updated: Jan 30, 2020

A recipe so authentic it may have be stolen from your grandmother.

"The cloest you will get to home made without the old people."

Strangelove is an Organic soft Drink made in Victoria.  It is made from the original cola recipes of days of yesteryear 

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“As close as you can get to Home Made soft drinks without having to talk to old people.”

Better for you than the big names?

While we can’t make that claim we can point out that Strangelove is Organic. Strangelove also uses pure Australian cane sugar instead of refined, bleached sugars. They use the original recipes of the older generation therefore less artificial flavourings and colours and more of the good stuff like spices and vanilla beans.

If you want something with a fantastic and quirky label, great flavour and organic you cant go past Strangelove soft drinks.  Available in six flavours like Smoked Cola, Ginger Beer, Lemon Squash, Bitter Grapefruit, Blood Orange & Chilli and Classic Cola.

#Organic #Softdrinks #Summer #Drinks #Quirky

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