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Exquisite Flavours had a chat with the lovely Caitlin at StrangeLove this month to find out more of what makes Strangelove so fantastic. We hit Caitlin with some questions we thought may help us to get to know more about the brand and what StrangeLove’s core values are.

When we asked Caitlin, what does she like most about working at StrangeLove? Caitlin told us that it is a fun workplace with a very tongue in cheek tone, much like a small family.

What was the inspiration behind Strangelove?

An immaculate conception between two underachieving childhood friends produced an overachieving beverage brand known as Strangelove. From a single Ginger Beer in 2012 - to a comprehensive collection of Australian Premium Mixers, Sodas and Mineral Waters - Strangelove has evolved with a focus on quality, local ingredients, and interesting, eclectic flavours.

Stocked in some of Australia’s best bars and restaurants including Attica, Quay and Minimishima, StrangeLove has carefully crafted its portfolio to pair with a diverse range of craft spirits

How long has StrangeLove been operating?

The business was established by two friends in the throes of an early-onset midlife crisis in Byron Bay in 2012 - with a single Ginger beer elixir.

StrangeLove continued to grow into the beverage company we know and love today and will soon be celebrating a decade of serving average people great drinks.

The team now consists of a cast of five characters – based around various parts of the country - who spend their days “flogging an ever-growing list of carbonated beverages.”

What makes your product stand out?

“All Natural”

97% of ingredients sourced locally (if someone would please plant a Yuzu tree outside of Fukushima, we could climb that number up to 98%)

Contains no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

What is your favourite or most unusual way to use each of your products?

“As they are drinks – we usually just drink them.

Although every now and again, mixing them with alcohol is also a bit of fun.”

(Note: I have a recipe for Gin and Tonic Sorbet that I am itching to try – Nathan, Exquisite Flavours)

Have you got a particular recipe you would like to share with everyone?

We thought you would never ask. Here is a snazzy Watermelon and Tequila Highball recipe that we whipped up earlier.


30ml Tequila (any Premium Tequila - we used Tromba)

90ml Watermelon Tonic

Ice cubes


1 If a tang of salinity is your preference - rim the edge of your glass with the salt

2. Locate a tall solid glass - bonus points if it’s a glass designed for a highball

2. Fill that glass with the ice

3. Pour the 30ml Tequila

4. Top up with the 90ml of Watermelon Tonic

5. Top off with dry garnish or sprig of mint if you are feeling dramatic AF

How long have you been making your product?

Mixer Range was launched in 2015

Lo-Cal Soda range was launched in 2017

Canned Mineral Waters launched in 2021

Do you do any catering or events you would like people to know about?

We are always open to partnering with events, gin tastings, festivals, bar mitzvahs…you name it…if there are thirsty people attending, we can sell them some drinks.

Is there anything else you feel we should know?

We do our best to make great drinks, actually listen to what our customers want (shockingly, cramming everything full of sugar isn’t always the answer) and have a bit of fun while doing it.

What to know more about Strangelove?

You can find them on Facebook right here:

Slide into their Instagram DM’s here: @lovestrangelove

And last but not least they are on the world wide web:

If you haven’t tried the quality of StrangeLove products, maybe it’s time you did yourself a favour and grabbed some today.

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