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T&D Curries

T&D Curries all started in 2015 when Tom was just 9 years old. Gareth, (Dad) was making curry pastes for home use for 25 years or more, using recipes he had brought over from the UK. Tom’s sisters were selling hand-made cards and tie-dyed clothes for extra cash at the local markets. Tom seeing the extra money his sisters were receiving from their market stall, came up with the idea to use his father’s recipe and make the curry pastes to have his own market stall, hence T&D Curries was formed.

Now almost 14 years old and in year eight at St Virgil's College. Tom has been making the award-winning curry pastes and running a successful market business for the past five years. Dad has been assisting Tom but has spent the best part of the last 30 years working in the automotive industry, both here in Hobart and back in the UK. Both Tom and Dad are now looking to share their curry pastes with stores across Tasmania. Exquisite Flavours is proud to be partnering Tom and his dad with this endeavour. traditional pull

T&D Curries are scrumptious, gluten-free, vegan friendly, contain no nuts or dairy and also have no artificial colours or flavours making them perfect for everyone. There are so many ways to use T&D curry pastes, from the traditional pull-apart to things like homemade green masala pull apart bread, or garam masala and spiced salt shortbread biscuits. Tom and dad both recommend trying the butter chicken recipe using the tandoori paste. They get a lot of fantastic feedback on their Facebook page from that one. These and many more fantastic recipes are available on their website and Facebook pages.

T & D Curries have been entered in both the Hobart and Australian Food Awards and have won multiple medals across the board. From Gold’s for their Balti Paste, Silvers for their Green Masala and Madras to the Tandoori taking out Bronze. The curries are available in both a paste form and also a powder form to suit many different applications. They look fantastic on the shelf and taste even better.

You can find out more information try visiting their Facebook, Instagram or Website.

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