Tasmanian Whisky and Tasmanian Fudge Sounds Perfect right?

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Have you ever thought of enjoying this combination at your desk at 10 am? You can now!

Imagine the smooth, creamy, rich taste of the Bruny island fudge, infused with a good lashing of handcrafted small batch single malt whisky from Hounds Tooth Distillery. Makes my mouth water and it is now available. We have just received our first delivery of this amazing new creation from Bruny Island Chocolate Company. Like me, if you love chocolate and whisky, you will love this. The fudge has a perfect balance between chocolate and whisky that is sure to please almost everyone. Not only does it taste amazing but with its unique packaging featuring scenery from Bruny Island, it can make a great gift as well.

New Kid on the Block.

No this isn’t a reference to some 90s boy band. Hounds Tooth whisky is so new, most of you may not know of it as yet. Hounds Tooth have only just recently released the first batch of their handcrafted, small batch, single malt whisky through the Bruny Island House of Whisky. Unfortunately for you and me, it sold out quickly. The next batch will be coming soon and I can’t wait. After tasting the fudge I will be pre-ordering a bottle of the whisky for myself.

Known For Quality

Bruny Island as we all are aware is known for quality produce. While Hounds Tooth Distillery is new, Bruny Island Chocolate Company is not. Bruny Island Chocolate Company have been making quality fudge for over 20 years. The fudge is arguably one of the best fudges in Tasmania. But only you can judge. The Bruny Island fudge has been on the shelves of gourmet stores for years and I am sure you will see the Hounds Tooth fudge popping up in the same places very soon, maybe even a few good bottle shops and liquor merchants.

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