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computer-windows-7-high-resolution-photos.html Learn to make this wrench repair kit. Collect the tools you need to fix a wrench. Before you begin, you'll need to make sure you have the right tools to fix this wrench. You can start by gathering some of the following: step by step instructions on how to fix it when the repair is complete your tools.Choose the right tool for the job.... [Read More]Q: Bind dynamic array to datagridview I have a DataGridView bound to a DataSet. I need to add a new row when the user clicks on a button. The row is already created by another method, and it has data on it. When I am in the form, I do this: myDataGridView.DataSource = myDataSet; If I set a new row, I use: myDataGridView.Rows.Add(newRowObject); The problem is that this is all happening in one method, so the new row can't be shown at the right time, since the dataset is already initialized. What I want to do is get the new row (created elsewhere), and bind it to the existing dataset in myDataGridView, before setting the dataset as the data source of the grid. I can't figure out how to accomplish this. My first thought is to store the rows in a List and call AddRange, but this won't work, because I don't know how many rows there will be at runtime. Is there any way to accomplish this? A: No need for a list here. The DataTable is a collection of rows, so just create the new row and bind it to the table: using (var connection = new SqlConnection(...)) { connection.Open(); var newRow = new DataRow(); var newRowColumns = new[] { newDataColumn, newDataColumn,... }; var newRowValues = new[] {... }; newRow.SetValues(newRowValues); newRow.SetColumnValues(newRowColumns); var table = new DataTable("NewTable"); table.Columns.Add("ColumnA"); table.Columns.Add("ColumnB");




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